This video is about María Fernanda’s recent evolution as an contemporary artist; her production and development of her work during the last three years. It presents the process of creation, and shows how the elements and iconography represented in the banknotes are transformed from a common paper money to an artwork, result of her creativity and her use of new technologies.


The Venezuelan plastic artist interprets the symbols that are hidden in coins and bills in a type of work that combines collage, photography and digital techniques, all governed by a universal language. This video shows the process of her installation in the headquarter of the Exterior Bank in Caracas, Venezuela. More than 200 meters where print for the walls of the second floor’s employee offices. The arts created were specially designed for this project. Each department contrasts and harmonizes the other by different colors and designs belonging to different nationalities, forming a path entirely in the diversity of human culture reflected in their bills.


This video was made when the artist exhibit for the first time a Solo Show of her work Global Narratives in the Art Studio Gallery 8, 2010. The exhibition was curated by Luis Velazquez, who wrote the following description of Lairet’s work:” The subject of Maria Fernanda Lairet’s most recent work is the study of economic and social concepts part of the contemporary culture. In this sense, her work is nurtured from the diverse images and messages that conform the universe of money, at present about her paper version (the banknote)…”.


After Maria Fernanda graduated of Graphic Design, she began to do a lot of drawing and painting workshops. Also she started participating since 1986 in Group Shows, such as the one at the Gallery Gracielle, Via Montenapoleone (Italy); the New Gallery at the Mercantil Bank in Caracas, between others. And, it is in the year 1996 when Bolivar Films (CINESA) decide to do a video of Maria Fernanda Lairet working in her studio.